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pneumatic 1/2" Heavy-Duty Air Reversible Drill with Keyless Chuck, a powerful choice for drilling, honing, reaming, and hole sawing. This reversible motor allow you drive and remove screws with 0.5 hp ( 1/2 hp ), featuring One hand Reversible Lever. Planetary System. Unique Clamp Shaft Deign. Du..
Industrial Retro 1/2" Jacobs Keyed Chuck Non-Reversible Straight Air Drill, 2500 Rpm, 1/2 HP - ISO Certified, CE Compliant - Custom Made Master Palm Pneumatic 1/2"  retro straight air drill, inline straight housing, operates at 2500 rpm free speed with 0.5 hp horse power. This straight inl..
Pneumatic 1/2" ratchet wrench with mini housing operates at 420 rpm free speed with less than 1 pound weight. Master Palm pneumatic mini straight inline ratchet wrench provides access to engage fasteners where other wrenches can't.  This pneumatic air ratchet wrench is the shortest in size in t..
Industrial Grade 1 inch Long Neck Extended Shaft Mini Die GrinderIndustrial 1" long neck shank inline straight air die grinder runs at 30000 rpm with exchangable 1/4" and 1/8" collet adapter to fit accessories. FeaturesMaster Palm long neck air die grinders are used at hard to reach..
Master Palm 1/4" and 1/8" industrial long neck 3" extensive shaft straight die grinder, 31000 rpm extends die grinder to hard to reach area. Featured Benefits Free Speed:31000 rpm. Optional Muffler MSA-005. Safety Level For Easy Speed Control :Safety lever throttle with positive grip provides eas..
Master Palm 1/4" and 1/8" industrial long neck 5" extensive shaft straight die grinder, 30000 rpm extends die grinder to hard to reach area. Free Speed:30000 rpm. Optional Muffler MSA-005.Featured Benefits Safety Level Easy Control :Safety lever with positive grip provides easy control. Built-i..
Master Palm Pneumatic Mini Inline Straight Die Grinder V2 with 1/4" and 1/8" Collect, 25000 rpm, 0.25 HPAbout Master Palm Mini Air Die Grinder V2 Master Palm pneumatic 1/4" and 1/8" palm mini straight die grinder v2, 25000 rpm, is a revised air die grinder design with long life span a..
Master Palm 1/4" and 1/8"  mini right angle die grinder with low profile angle design, 19000 rpm,  fits in your palm perfectly. Comes with 1/8" collet. Free Speed:19000 rpm. Optional Muffler MSA-005A for purchase Ultra Mini Size Fit in Your Palm and Shirt Pocket Ultra mini size design wi..
1/4" palm size mini straight ratchet wrench,420 rpm, is the shortest in size in the market with ambivalent tool features. Tool users can save time and operate in tight space without any hassles.Light weight and pocket sized. Free Speed 420 rpm. Optional Muffler MSA-005A to purchase for noise reducti..
Rear Exhaust Mini Tool Soft Rubber Grip Muffler Hose Connect The Turbine Design Patent.70000 rpm free speed..
10” extensive shaft long neck design uses strong internal mechanism which provides tool use a better and more powerful grinder with 2 hands operation that can go beyond normal depth to operate tasks. side exhaust helps maintain normal temperature without overheating problems. the guard protect the t..
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